Art Exhibitions At Saffron

Some images from our previous exhibitions

The Kellett School Annual Art Show

Paintings, Photography  and Sculpture

Kellett exhibition

Alexander Dluzak’s Photographs Of The Punk Scene In Rangoon

Alexander Dluzak, journalist, filmmaker and photographer based in Berlin/Germany tells unconventional and insightful stories in strong images, especially from places where
journalists are not always welcome. In his latest photographic essay he examines the growing underground punk scene in Burma.

Burma Punks

The Cambodian Space Project

The Cambodian Space Project

Only a Phnom Penh bar band 18 months ago the Cambodian Space Project are one of the first independent rock music acts out of SE Asia to make inroads into the international music scene playing to adoring crowds in the UK, US & Australia over the past year.

On reviewing their debut album“Tracks like “Chnam Oun Dop Pram Mouy” are just begging to be used to soundtrack the next Tarntino movie” – Respected UK music magazine Uncut

2011: A Space Odyssey proves that music and art are more powerful than the forces of evil. While the genocidal forces may have flexed their might, like the liner notes say, The Cambodian Space project proves that you can “kill the singer, but you can’t kill the song.” – Music.kbutt .org

The Cambodian Space Project also love the power of the image and are in the process of setting up their own screen printing factory in Phnom Penh. Our exhibition will feature some great prints and photos from the past couple of years.

The PairsvThe Pairs ( Shanghai)

Pairs are the shining lights in Shanghai’s DIY punk music scene and as well as touring the country encouraging other to take up the reins of music they are a dab hand at the art punk event as their photos and images will attest to.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s independent music scene moves in fits and starts . Via the exhibition we hope to document what’s been happening locally with posters and band images.

We look forward to seeing you during the month of May at Hong Kong’s very first exhibition documenting underground music in Asia.



Sue Perks: Collection 33  An Exhibition of Paintings & Silkscreen Prints  5-30 November 2011

Asian Dragon


Stanley  Ground Level Stanley Plaza Stanley

Michael Yiannikis : Photos Plastic Extrusion

“Polymers often sourced from fossil fuels, are used to make toys because they are cheap durable and easy to mould. They typically require large amounts of energy during the extrusion process and potentially end up as landfill or waste once they have exhausted their usefulness”



Here’s some information about the exhibitions we have already hosted.

If you would like to learn more about the artists who have exhibited at Saffron  please contact  us and  we will be only too happy to answer your questions and, if need be, put you in touch with the artist in question.

Eleanor McColl: Paintings & Photographs

Eleanor’s Paintings & Photomontages explores details and images of Hong Kong via her paintings & intricate woven photograph images.

Eleanor Mccoll

Eleanor is a Fine Art graduate of Bower Ashton (U.W.E.) Bristol (UK) and the founder and owner of Chameleon Art Workshops Hong Kong.

Tara Jenkins & Imi Bond – Zzzoom Photography Hong Kong :  Cityscapes Hong Kong/ London / New York   February 2011

Zzzoom Photography Hong Kong have collated a number of their photographs of some of the more famous landmarks of these three cities and given them a brand new twist.

Tara Jenkins told the South China Morning Post on launching Zzzoom Cityscapes “ Imi & I began doing pop art portraits for our clients and we have a mutual interest in architecture so the idea for the pop art buildings grew from there”.

Julia Patience: Bloom  Floral Paintings by Julia Patience  March 2011

Patience a graduate of Brighton College of Art and with over a quarter of a century of book illustration and design ( House & Garden, Home & Garden, Cosmo Living ).

Julia Patience Julia Patience Julia Patience

Since arriving in HK Julia has with others founded the HK Society of Botanical Artists and worked on a number of exhibitions.

Leanne Claxton : Flowers  May 2011

Leanne Claxton, a graduate from St Martins Art School London presents her collection of canvases “Flowers” alongside the latest collection of HK based fashion designer Joanna Ho.

Their joint collection HO:CLAXTON also featuring a short film directed by Nick D.

The exhibition unites art and fashion as one entity.

Originally trained as a painter Leanne developed a passion for textiles design. Her organic prints and kaleidoscopic colour palette translates perfectly into digitally printed fabric, resulting in exquisite wearable art.

Johanna first approached Leanne in early 2010 when they worked together on a printed suit for Cantopop star Eason Chan. Johanna’s design and stylistic essence – a fusion of opposing elements – rock n’roll but sweet, sculptural yet romantic, fits perfectly with Leanne’s organic, almost fantasy flower paintings and prints. Johanna’s design concept for this line also focuses on eco-friendly, by using zero wastage pattern cutting techniques for each design, in which each garment has no leftover fabric wastage.

Joint Exhibition with Oceanic Art Gallery (Port Douglas) Australia. Contemporary Indigenous Australian Art

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